Personalized nightlight "Cloud" with light animation, off timer and dimmer

Ideal for newborns.

Children's smart nightlight "Cloud" with the name of your child

Children's night light "Cloud"

95 €    120 

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Таймер выключения на максимальное время 60 минут

Sleep timer

Customizable sleep timer from 4 to 60 minutes

Плавная анимация

Smooth animation

Smooth soothing animation

Управление яркостью

Animation brightness adjustment

Large selection of brightness values

Пульт управления на проводе

Control panel on wire

4-button control panel

Питание ночника от USB адаптера на 1 ампер

Powered by USB adapter

Safe voltage. 5 volt

Low consumption

The maximum power of the LED night light 4.25 W (current 850 mA)

Энергонезависимая память

Memory tinctures

The night light stores the previously configured settings even when the power is turned off

Энергонезависимая память

Not blinding in the dark

A person sees only light reflected from the walls, not seeing bright sources

Long wire

Maximum wire length 4 meters (discussed with the customer)

Бесшумная анимация


Does not contain motors and does not make unpleasant sounds during animation

Теплый белый свет

Warm white light

It creates a feeling of warmth and coziness.

Теплый белый свет

Without batteries

Does not require regular battery replacement

Высокое разрешение по яркости

A high resolution

Exceptionally smooth animation

Микропроцессорное управление

Controlled by program

Animations are created by our programmers

Микропроцессорное управление

Made in Russia!

Designed and manufactured in Russia

Nightlight "Cloud" with the name of your child, light animation and an off timer

Nightlight "Cloud"

Nightlight "Cloud" with the name of your child, 

with a unique light animation, off timer and brightness control.

* Great for children under 1 year old.

95 €  120 

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About us

Our small team consists of people with higher technical education. Our employees have 10 years of experience creating electronic devices. Nightlights are made with the support of the children's studio "Suns", where we conduct our research among parents and children.


Address: Russia, Nizhegorodskaya oblast', Arzamas, Pr. Lenina street, building 208, office 213

Telephone number: +7 (950) 603-00-11